Monday, November 11, 2013

Friendly Pets Farmyard

On Friday 1st November Friendly Pets Farmyard visited Sagewood Pre-primary to show and teach us about pets. The children were seated under a shady tree in the playground and listened carefully about how to care for our pets at home.

We were taught how to handle the pets and the children were very enthusiastic to touch the variety of animals including fluffy rabbits, a dancing cockatoo, rats that lick your fingers, mice that tickle, guinea pigs having a bad hair day, one week old chicks, love birds and many more.

Anushchka the black Labrador was one of the favourites. She was all too willing to demonstrate to our little ones how a dog eats dry biscuits! She sat placidly and patiently while even the most timid of children stroked her and felt her cold, wet nose.

It was a lovely hands on experience for us to learn about Friendly Pets. 

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