Friday, May 29, 2015

The Bakery: Art activity

The Bakery
Art activity:

We did a collage cake. The children were divided into two groups, boys and girls. Each group had to come up with a cake idea. The girls decided to make a wedding cake and the boys decided to make a car birthday cake. The focus was on team work, sharing ideas, taking turns and communicating.

After the cakes were completed, the children had to discuss how they came up with the idea for the cake. The girls said they made a fake wedding cake because they were going to pretend to have a wedding in the fantasy corner. They also mentioned they wanted to ‘share’ the cake with the other classes. They came up with the idea to use bottles to have the bride and groom on the cake. The boys said they made a racing car cake with boosters so it can go fast, because they like racing cars. The boys thought racing cars are awesome. Both groups enjoyed working on the project.
Green Class (Teacher Khethiwe)

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Douglasdale Dairy Trip

The Grade 0 Red and Green Classes went on a school trip yesterday.

"Our trip to Douglasdale Dairy was interesting and informative. We learnt about how the milk comes from the farmers to Douglasdale, where it is cleaned, packaged and delivered to the stores. We got to feed calves as well as got a chance to look at what happens in the factory. It ended off with each child receiving a packet with a bottle of milk and two glasses. We had lots of fun. The next day we decided to draw our favourite part of the trip" Teacher Khethiwe Mnisi.