Thursday, January 28, 2016



The Core Skills Test is a non-curriculum based assessment which focuses on the application of skills and knowledge that a Grade 6 learner should have developed over their period of time in school.  It is constructed to accommodate thinking skills that are developed in Language contexts e.g. adopting a position and providing a rationale for your choice, or in Mathematical or Science contexts e.g. calculations, logical deduction given specific information.  The assessment also focuses on drawing information from visual stimuli e.g. graphs, maps, diagrams, illustrations.  The assessment contains questions that require learners to perform multi-steps of thinking in order to answer the question correctly – these questions have been classified as ‘complex thinking’. This test is set by a panel of educators from various private schools in Gauteng and is of a very high standard.
The total score for each learner has been calculated by weighting questions according to the difficulty rating of each question.  The weighted scores have been converted to percentage scores.  On the basis of the final score, learners have been allocated a rating as follows:
Exceptional: 90% - 100%
Outstanding: 75% - 89%
Commendable: 60% - 74%
The following learners performed in the

Exceptional range:
·        Pulkit Bansal
·        Pooja Lowton
·        Mishani Pillay
·        Sarita Pillay

Outstanding range:
·        Yatin Fakir
·        Kgositsile Giqwa
·        Naazneen Khan
·        Jaedon Moodley
·        Mansaa Pandey
·        Tiara Pather
·        Atira Rajah

Commendable range:
·        Calem Chetty
·        Damian Gouws
·        Okuhle Holmes
·        Khanyisile Mahlangu
·        Tirelo Morule
·        Bonolo Motalane
·        Mpho Tsotetsi
·        Thulisa Phungula

We congratulate these learners and are extremely proud of them!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Reflections on India by Mr Brian Dawson

1st Day of School in 2016

We would like to share some pictures taken on the 1st day of school at Sagewood.
Learners were accompanied by their parents as the new academic year begins. There were more smiles than tears this time around. At the Preprimary School, returning learners were very excited to see their teachers and new learners couldn't wait to try out different facilities at the Outdoor Play Area.
We wish learners all the best in 2016!

Class of 2015

The Sagewood College would like to congratulate the matric Class of 2015 for achieving a 96% pass rate with 69% Bachelor Degree (University Exemption). Well done!