Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Prompt (100 Word Challenge)

Here is this week's prompt:

MarcusOnTheMoon Week#26
You have just 100 words. Don’t forget to really think about the vocabulary you are using. We want lots of creative pieces of writing. 
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  1. An astronomy eating his lunch with an alien

    One day an astronaut came across a moon and thought it was cool. An alien was in the planet Mar when he saw the astronaut he thought it was his cousin he came across and scared the astronaut. The alien said "hello" in his funny voice. The alien was green in colour. The astronaut took out his flag and put it into the moon to indicate that he was the first one to land there. Then the astronaut took out his lunch to eat and he shared it amongst the alien and himself.

    Nikita Govender (Grade 4 Yellow)

  2. Marcus the astronaut

    There was a little boy with red glasses. One day his teacher told him that they have to do a research project on any planet. He chose mars because it was his favourite planet and he believed that aliens lived there. So the next day he asked his mom to please pack him extra lunch to share with his space buddies. His mom agreed and he left to the planet Mars when he got there he was so happy that he found a space buddy and had lunch. He went back home and was the happiest boy.

    Tsengi Ratshitanga (Grade 6 Blue)

    1. A boy named Donny Felton went to the moon. He was very excited when he saw the twinkling stars. Soon afterwards he reached the moon. He got off the rocket and bounced as he took every step. Finally he reached his destination, put the flag down and sat on a dusty rock. He took out his lunch and started eating. An alien came by and Donny jumped with fear as he tried to run for his dear life but he was too slow. He reached his space rocket and the alien got sad. Donny shared his lunch with the alien.

  3. Saving Mars

    One summer morning an evil villain, Zartog, decided to destroy Mars. An Earthling, Sammy always wished that he could visit the planet he loved. When Sammy landed on Mars, he saw a weird alien by the name of Blue Baloo who came up to him and said "boogoloo". Both feared that someday Zartog would destroy Mars. At that moment Zartog's spaceship landed on Mars. Sammy kicked the spaceship off Mars, and saved the entire planet. To celebrate they ate a lovely chicken mayo sandwich. Sammy bit his tongue and awoke to realise that it was only a dream!

    Sarita Pillay (Grade 4 Yellow)

  4. Tom won a trip to the moon. It's was just a day's trip so he took nothing but his lunch. He thought he wouldn't do anything but stare at the earth from the moon. And walk around its craters.
    What a surprise when he saw a little wobbly alien called Woobiliblu.
    Woobiliblu seemed to be alone on the moon. So he was happy to see Tom. But the alien and Tom couldn't speak because Woobiliblu didn't know English. That didn't matter. The new friends shared Tom's lunch, and even giggled at the floating apple.

    Atang Reid , Grade 4 Blue

  5. Alien extinction

    One day a boy named Kevin and his friend Stanley decided to pretend that they were on a planet and that one was a astronaut and the other was an alien. The astronaut crashed his spaceship on a strange planet. An alien ran up to him and was so sad. The astronaut asked the alien why he was sad. The alien explained that his species are extinct and he is the last alien. The astronaut put his flag in the ground. The astronaut felt sorry for the little alien and decided to share his lunch with the alien.

    Anonymous(Grade 7)


    Mario's father worked with NASA. He was an astronaut. It was a really cool job. It was Mario's birthday so his father was going to take him to space. When they landed , everyone went to explore. Mario found a secret tunnel that led him to an alien! Mario was scared at first, then he realized that the alien was harmless. The alien spoke English. He asked Mario to have lunch with him. As soon as they finished eating, Mario said I can't wait to tell the others. "But you can't" said the alien, it's a secret.

    Jaime Gungiah (4Yellow)

  7. Once upon space there lived a boy named Alien and an alien named Boy. They were best friends since 400 years ago when they met. Someone didn’t stay in the spaceship so it sadly broke. Luckily they had some food which they ate very slowly and had to be careful that the food did not get finished quickly. Soon they saw Mars. Alien was amazed. He was having so much of fun that he forgot about Earth. Let me tell you a secret said boy my name is not boy it’s Alien and my name is not alien it’s Boy!

    1. head of google :)April 22, 2014 at 4:29 PM

      nice one calem
      the best i've seen so far

    2. True Well Done Calem Really creative and funny!
      It is the best!!!!

    3. Thanks:-) I am now still in Sagewood and a proud Sagewoodian... Thanks again for the compliment!

  8. A boy named Donny Felton went to the moon. He was very excited when he saw the twinkling stars. Soon afterwards he reached the moon. He got off the rocket and bounced as he took every step. Finally he reached his destination, put the flag down and sat on a dusty rock. He took out his lunch and started eating. An alien came by and Donny jumped with fear as he tried to run for his dear life but he was too slow. He reached his space rocket and the alien got sad. Donny shared his lunch with the alien.

  9. Oliver’s visit to Moon

    Once South Africa called all astronauts for a mission to the moon. All astronauts said “no” except Oliver who was 28 years old. It was a sunny morning and Oliver was ready for take-off. He landed on moon. He hosted South Africa’s flag, collected some rocks and did some tests. Suddenly he saw a blue thing behind a rock, it was an alien! The alien talked funny. The alien asked if the astronaut taste some moon food, the astronaut said “no” and asked the alien if wanted some of his sandwich, the alien said “yes”. Oliver and Alain shared the sandwiches. Since then they were best friends. Oliver said “Tootsies” and left.

    By: Pulkit Bansal. (Grade-4Y)

  10. Tiara Kelene PatherApril 25, 2013 at 7:00 PM

    Moon pies for lunch

    Mator was a genius and one morning he decided to build a rocket. It took a very long time but finally he finished it. It was bright red and very shiny. He decided to go have lunch on the moon. So he blasted off in his rocket. He saw millions of sparkly stars and lots of beautiful planets. At last he landed on the moon. As he got off his rocket he saw a friendly alien. So he and the alien decided to have lunch together. They had lots of space treats like delicious moon pies and tasty crater bakes.

    By Tiara Kelene Pather
    Grade 4 Green

  11. London's trip to the moon.

    London had dreams of being an astronaut.One day his wish came true he was called for a mission to the moon.So off he went with the other astrnomers beginning a new adventure.Finally they landed safely on the moon.London went out looking for something to take back home.Then suddenly he saw something move,"Who's there?"he said.It was an alien the alien said"hello".London said"hello"."Want some lunch?"London said."Yes"said the alien.They shared London's lunch.
    Toka Mokalake 4y

  12. One fine day an amazing astronaut called Lungile said "I am going to travel to the moon"."The moon is so enormous and grey", said Lungile. Lungile felt hungry, then suddenly he took out his lunch box. Then the green alien with big ears said "hello can I have a bite?". Lungile said "okay join me for lunch",the alen said "thank you".Soon it was time to travell back home but before Lungile left the moon he said "I want to put a red falg to show I have been here".

    By:kopano Mafohla 4red

  13. Thabani Abdool (Grade 4 Blue)April 25, 2013 at 9:41 PM

    Martin's Alien Experience

    Martin was a dreamer and always dreamt of aliens and exciting adventures in space. Every year on his birthday he asked for cool astronaut toys. His room looked like a wonderful galaxy with twinkling stars all over. Martin loved his play space suit the most. One day he put on his space suit and imagined that he was far away from earth. Martin was having lots of fun then he saw a little blue alien watching him. Martin smiled and said "are you hungry?" The little alien nodded and smiled too. It was the beginning of a lovely imaginary friendship.

  14. A 7-year old boy was wondering about space , “When I grow up I want to be an Astronaut” He went to NASA (in America)and asked them to train him.They said “We have never trained a kid before, let’s give it a shot,because youre young it’s going to take A few years”.After a few years he was scared to go into space even though being trained so he packed earth food and they launched him off .He was as fast as an asteroid being pulled into the earths gravitational pull.Eventually he landed on the moon,an alien saw him said “i have never been to earth before can I taste the food .Peter then said “ lets share it together”.They shared the food together.

    Thando Fredericks
    Grade 4 RED

  15. I was ecstatic! I won the competition to dine with an alien in outer space. There I was, all dressed up in my space-suit. I packed delicious sandwiches and apples for my new buddy, Bluejay. Bluejay had some strange alien food for me too! He called them ‘’Holy Poly’s’’ which were ‘’alienicious’’ .I stuck my homemade flag into Planet M.
    Bluejay and I shared many stories about our planets .We both grinned and laughed about our strange ways. It was time to go home to earth. We played one last game called ‘’Floating Apples’’. Bluejay is coming to earth soon!

    Yatin Fakir (Grade 4 green)

  16. A boy named Donny Felton went to the moon. He was very excited when he saw the twinkling stars. Soon afterwards he reached the moon. He got off the rocket and bounced as he took every step. Finally he reached his destination, put the flag down and sat on a dusty rock. He took out his lunch and started eating. An alien came by and Donny jumped with fear as he tried to run for his dear life but he was too slow. He reached his space rocket and the alien got sad. Donny shared his lunch with the alien.

    Tondani Mphaphuli (Grade 4 Red)

  17. One day there was a boy who went to space and he landed on a planet. He was looking for a pot to sit and eat. While taking out his lunch he saw an alien, with his surprise the alien spoke to him. The alien said, "would you share with me your food?'. The boy said, "sure I will share with you". He took out his sandwich and cut it in half for both of them. The next time he comes again he will tell his mom to pack extra food.

    Saziso Masuku Grade 4 B

    There was once a little boy whose name was John. He was a dreamer. One still night he dream't that he had landed on the moon. Coming towards him was this little blue monster. What was he to do? Jump off the moon to escape? Suddenly this little blue monster reached out to him and touched his hand. John was so thrilled that he decided to share his yummy peanut butter sandwich with the friendly monster. In John’s dream, the blue monster loved peanut butter too! John almost got a sense that they were family....

    Naazneen Khan

  19. One day Martin decided to go to the moon. To prepare himself for the trip, he packed some sandwiches. As he landed on the moon, he saw an alien.At first he was shocked. Then Martin tried to greet the alien but he got no response. The alien just stood there and looked at Martin. I have a brilliant idea, Martin thought. I will give him half of my lunch."Hey buddy,would you like to have half of my sandwich, Martin asked.'Off course I would the alien suddenly replied.So they both had lunch on the big beautiful moon.

    Motheo Mahlasela(Grade 4 yellow)


    There was a boy named Johnny. He loved to learn about space. One day he learnt about time machines. His class then made a song based on time machines. That day when Johnny went home he was singing that song. Same night an alien spaceship landed, and the aliens heard Johnny singing. They told each other, “this boy knows about time traveling”, “let’s abduct him”, and they abducted him when he was about to sleep. They took Johnny to Mars. When they came out of the spaceship Johnny said “are we on mars” “COOL!” “Hi guys would you like sandwiches.”

    By: Mansaa Jahnwee Pandey (Grade 4 yellow) :)

  21. Khanyisile MahlanguApril 27, 2013 at 12:19 PM

    Martin and the Fralien
    Martin was an artistic boy who was laughed at by his friends because he wanted to go to the moon.
    When NASA needed someone to go to the moon Martin volunteered. On arrival he saw a shining creature , and greeted "Faloopdadoop", meaning "I come in peace". The creature's name was Fralien and understood English.
    Martin offered Fralien food and Fralien shared stories about his home. Martin and Fralien became friends and Martin took moon rocks to earth. Fralien said he would visit our planet some day but in the meantime they communicated using stars and lights or moon rocks.
    By KHANYISLLE Mahlangu (4 yellow)

  22. The Astronaut’s Friend by Mishani Pillay

    One day an astronaut from NASA got sent to a planet called Taurus. As he blasted off, he wondered, “I wonder what Taurus will look like? “

    When the astronaut landed, he placed the first American flag into the ground, but when he looked closely at the surface, it was white like the moon.

    Suddenly, he heard a voice saying “why are you here Earthling? “I don’t like trespassers, said the voice! “Hi you want a sandwich? “The astronaut said. “Yes please I’d love to try one, I’m starving.

    Is it a chicken mayo?

    Mishani Pillay grade 4 red

  23. Njabulo and the alien

    Once upon a time there was a man that went to the moon. His name was Njabulo. On his adventure to the moon, he met a small alien named Frosto. When he arrived the alien was waiting. He put one foot on the moon and the alien ran and grabbed his lunch box. Njabulo was so terrified. He got such a fright. The alien was curious about what was in the lunch box. The alien had never seen such a thing. Njabulo laughed and slowly opened the lunch box and things started floating in the air.

    Delisile Cele (grade 4 blue)

  24. Jhon Craley and the alien

    Once upon a time there was an astronaut named Jhon Craley. He launched to the moon in a spaceship on the 26/04/2012 at 12:00 pm. He packed all his belongings and a lot of food. When Jhon landed on the moon he took his very first step down and said “it’s just one small step for a man and one giant leap for mankind”. Soon he got hungry and got took out his lunch box. He saw an alien. He realized alien that were friendly. Soon they were best friends and planted a flag up.

    Krista Matshila (Grade 4 green)

  25. Last night an alien space ship crashed right into my garden, the alien stepped out of the spaceship. I thought he was a rather strange little creature but I became his friend and he took me to his planet. His name is Flubber. It was amazing when we landed on his planet and I had packed snacks before I left home. Flubber tasted a sandwich and said "it’s so yummy" and I tasted his snacks, it was crunchy and crumbly. I asked him what it he said is “its moon rocks" Yuk! How awful, Flubber it’s really made for humans

    Saranya Naidoo (grade 4 Blue)

  26. In trouble with my parents again. "No one understands me!" Time to escape reality and embark on an adventure. I put on my spacesuit, packed my lunch bag and away in my spaceship. Off to the moon!!!

    I didn't imagine this So I explore. Something approached me and all it did was sniff me. Feeling hungry, I shared my lunch and it felt like two old friends who had known each other forever. He seems to enjoy earthly snacks.

    I awoke and discovered a little glitter and a moon rock on my pillow. I thought it was just a dream......

    Nakeisha Naidoo (Grade 4 Green)

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